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The Customer Engagement Solution for Your Place of Business

Engage visitors before, during, and after their visit


We provide a solution for increased customer engagement in brick&mortar retail and other public venues that consists of contextual or personalized digital signage on physical screens, and mobile engagement via your customers’ own phones.

We can do everything any other cloud-based digital signage solution can, but only Sophatar personalizes your digital signage by dynamically targeting playout to who is front of your signage display right now. Visitors / customers at your location can even use their own phone to interact with the signage without having to connect to an in-store Wi-Fi. It works with regular digital displays and there are no cameras to install!

Or we create contextual digital signage based on your actual sales transactions to increase customer basket size. We keep what shows on your screens fresh and up-to-date, automatically!

And then we engage your customers before or after their visit with a solution for digital coupons, loyalty cards, event tickets and product vouchers that does not require a mobile app. And we promote all that on your in-store screens, and keep content in sync between what shows on your in-store screens and on your customers' phones.

Sophatar®: because digital signage without context is just another TV screen...

Point-of-Sale Driven Digital Signage

Sophatar can link with various data sources to show digital signage that is relevant at all times.
For instance we can use data from your point-of-sale system to show product recommendations.
Or we can offer a coupon for a product that is complimentary to what your customer just purchased on a touchscreen near the point-of-sale system.
We use native mobile technologies to push content to the customer’s phone so no mobile app is required.

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Proximity Digital Signage

Here we go one step further: customers can use their own phone as remote control to interact with your digital signage screens when they're within viewing range. Now signage is not just contextual, it’s personal!
The business captures valuable analytics information such as dwell time and customer interests.
This requires a mobile app, but we can customize the app for you or help you integrate the functionality into your existing mobile app

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Mobile Customer Engagement

We link digital signage with an off-premises customer experience via the mobile wallet on customers' phones.
We can push content to phones natively (i.e. no mobile app required) and on both Android and IOS phones.
Establish a new communication channel to each of your customers with push messaging and personalized communications, fully integrated in our platform.
Even schedule messages to show up on your customers’ phones near or at specific locations!

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About Us

We're a brand new tech startup in Silicon Valley!

Affordable and Easy-to-Install Digital Signage, and So Much More...

The Sophatar solution can utilize iPads, AppleTVs, or third-party media players. You connect one to each of your screens and subscribe to our service. That's it! Then we optionally augment with mobile engagement.

No need to install cameras or Wi-FI sniffers. For our proximity signage, we use Bluetooth technology that's already built into many media players. And if you already have BLE beacons deployed, we can re-use those.
Super easy & cost effective. Learn More
With our proxmimity signage plan you have full control of the digital signage with built-in playlists and schedules and content that you let customers request on-demand from their phones.
With our POS-driven signage we automatically create several screens that show product recommendation and social media feeds. All automatically generated based on your POS sales transactions.
With our proximity signage, you can see real-time and historical usage analytics to target your most valuable customers.
With our POS-driven signage and mobile customer engagement plans, you can remind customers of affinity products that are frequently bought together, or store specials.
Increase the average basket size at the POS with our solution!

Scalable, Cost-effective & Hardware-Compatible

From 1 to 100s of locations, and 1 to 10s of screens per location, our business models scales as you grow your deployment. Use regular TVs or professional monitors. Use a low-cost or enterprise-grade media player. The choice in hardware is yours!

Why Choose Sophatar

We do for physical venues what web sites have done for years: individualize the experience for the customer, and provide usage analytics to the business. With Sophatar, finally brick & mortar can catch up with online!



The Sophatar solution can be applied to any public venue to turn it immediately into an interactive experience for your visitors. Check out how Sophatar increases customer engagement and ultimately your bottom line with these application examples...