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The Customer Engagement Solution for Your Place of Business

Engage visitors to your location as soon as they walk in

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Sophatar®'s patented solution programs and automatically adjusts the A/V playout from your existing screens based on the interest profiles of visitors currently at your location. Your visitors can select from the content you have programmed for each screen when they're in front of it using their own phone, without having to connect to a local Wi-Fi. Our system comes with location-based services and real-time analytics.
Up the engagement level with your visitors & increase your on-site sales conversions. We provide a software-as-a-service subscripton that runs on Apple devices (AppleTV, iPad) or third-party media players. No cameras, special screens, or extra Wi-Fi access points to install!

Proximity-aware Personalized Digital Signage

As a SOPHisticated avATAR that knows your customers' interests, Sophatar provides an individualized in-store experience, just as website do! We turn the TVs / monitors your already have into screens that can detect viewer proximity. Each screen can automatically adjust its playback based on the viewers at any particular time. Your customers can use their own phone to skip the digital signage they're not interested in and immediately get to what they want to see.

Engagement Analytics

See engagement analytics of visitors to your location: which campaigns they looked at, dwell time in each area of your location, products they're interested, identify the best prospects for a sale etc. all from our web console.

Location-based services

When you subscribe to our service, your location is also listed in our free mobile app for discovery. With automatic notifications, messaging, 2-way chat between customers and your sales staff, gamification, and optional 'endless aisle' shopping extensions built into the app, we keep your visitors engaged with YOUR business and increase on-site sales conversions.

About Us

We're a brand new tech startup in Silicon Valley!

Personalized Proximity-aware Digital Signage, and So Much More...

The Sophatar solution utilizes iPads and/or AppleTVs. You connect one to each of your screens. That's it! This turns your screens into proximity-aware interactive digital signage, and your whole venue into a proximity-enabled environment!

No need to install any other hardware: no beacons, no Wi-FI access points, no cameras. Super easy and cost effective.

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Using the Sophatar web app, you upload the A/V content for each screen and set default playout schedules. Connect an AppleTV to a screen and we can do everything a regular signage solution can do, but in addition visitors in front of the screen can use their phone as a remote control to immediately get to the information they want to see. Or if you connect an iPad instead, your visitors can also use the iPad's touchscreen to make selections.
The Sophatar web app offers real-time and historical analytics. When visitors use their phone to interact at one of your locations, you get personalized analytics instantaneously to identify your high-potential prospects.
Interact via the Sophatar web console with visitors currently at your location via messaging and 2-way chat. Using the Sophatar API, we can link to your POS system to enable purchases right from your customer's own phone while at your location.

Scalable, Cost-effective & Built on a Platform Your Customers Love

From 1 to 100s of locations, and 1 to 10s of screens per location, our business models scales as you grow your deployment. A familiar look & feel lowers your customers' adoption threshold.

Why Choose Sophatar

We bring an online experience to physical venues by providing contextual services that adapt to each individual at your location. Truly personalized interactive digital signage that detects viewer proximity; offers real-time and historical analytics; and additional location-based services. All in a single subscription package that works with the hardware you already have!



The Sophatar solution can be applied to any indoor public venue to turn it immediately into an interactive experience for your visitors. Check out how Sophatar increases customer engagement and ultimately your bottom line with these application examples...