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Key Service Components

Great-looking sales data-driven digital signage

We automatically create great-looking dynamic digital signage showing product recommendations based on your actual sales transactions. You don't even need images of the products you sell; we add them automatically.

On any digital display

Use any TV or computer monitor and either connect an inexpensive Apple TV box that runs our signage app, or we create your signage as a web page that you can show on any media player or tablet using the built-in web browser.

Works with your current POS software

We receive the sales data from the receipt printer, not your POS software. Just use a Star Micronics receipt printer. It connects as a regular USB printer to the computer running your POS software. Then Sophatar applies its magic by accessing the data printed on your receipts in the cloud to create relevant digital signage that boosts your revenue.


Key Features

On-screen product recommendations

Show products that are top-sellers, or products that are frequently bought together to increase customer basked size, on your in-store screen(s).

On-screen social feeds

Show Intagram posts and Twitter tweets related to your business. Connect your timeline to your Sophatar account and select the posts that will show on your signage screen(s).

On-screen coupon & loyalty program promotion

If you also subscribe to our Mobile Customer Engagement plan, we include on-screen promotions for your coupons or loyalty card programs.

Set & forget operation with automatic image matching

We dynamically update what shows on your signage screens based on your printed receipts.
You have no good images for your products or services? Our analytics engine finds images for you and you can select them from our web console. Or upload your own.

Manual edits

Want to make changes or override what our analytics engine shows automatically on your screen(s), e.g. to promote a particular product? Just login to your web console and change it there - there's a full editor for your on-screen product recommendations.

Low-cost hardware

Use any TV/monitor with a small AppleTV media player. Or use any tablet. Connect it to your Wi-Fi or wired LAN and you're good to go. No need for a media server or any other hardware.

Learning Center

Video interview

Watch an interview by Star-Micronics with our founder, Bart DeCanne, recorded at the National Retail Federation's Big Show in January 2018 in New York.

Sophatar POS signage webinar with Star-Micronics

Enter your email address to receive a web link to the Sophatar / Star webinar on POS signage. Learn how to increase shopper basket size by showing contextual digital signage based on your actual sales transactions.

Take the next steps...

Sign-up for POS-driven digital signage

We will contact you to help you through steps 2 & 3. Once all is set, we provide a 7-day free trial. If you like it then you enter your payment card information on our website during the trial period and we bill every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Get the hardware

  • POS Receipt Printer: Already use a Star Micronics printer at your place of business? Great - you're all set! Otherwise, it's very easy to swap out your receipt printer without any change to the rest of your POS.
  • TV + media player, or a tablet or touchscreen: Use any HDTV or monitor and connect an external media player to it for a large in-store screen. For a screen at your POS, just use a tablet or a touchscreen with a full-screen browser.

Contact us for a suggested cost-effective installation bundle that includes monitor stand and all mounting hardware.

Contact us

Choose your subscription plan

You can choose either our basic plan which creates digital signage for a TV, computer monitor or tablet in your store.

Or our premium plan which also adds the features of our Mobile Customer Engagement solution. We then also add a printed stub to your receipts for any coupon or loyalty program you set up through this plan.

See details on each plan in our pricing section below.