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Key Service Components

Use smartphone as remote control

With your location(s) visible on the home screen of a free mobile app that comes with the service, your customers can use their own phone to control the digital signage screens at your place of business to immediately start playback of what they're interested in. Customers don't need to connect to a local Wi-Fi as it works based on detecting their proximity to the screen.

Re-use your existing screens and playlists

We still keep all functionality of legacy signage solutions to play from a playlist. The system reverts to playlist-based signage when no-one is interacting with the screen. But with Sophatar you can make your existing screens interactive.

Obtain personalized usage analytics

Just as web analytics allows a business to capture data about visitors to your website, we do the same for visitors to your place of business. Track when customers enter/exit your place of business, when they are in the viewing range of each of your signage screens, and their requests for specific signage. Track across all of your business locations to create an interest profile for each of your customers that gets more granular over time!

Mobile app Analytics

Key Features

Program the signage playlist for each screen

You can set a playlist uniquely for each of your screens, or share a playlist amongst them, just as you can with any legacy digital signage solution.
But with Sophatar, that is just the starting point...

Set your interactive signage for each screen

Set the signage campaigns that can be requested from the mobile app uniquely for each screen. They could already be part of your playlist, or be on-demand only. The mobile app will show thumbnails of all available content when a customer is within viewing range of the screen. Customers can simply tap in the app to start playback on the digital signage screen closest to them.
We handle priority between customers making simultaneous requests.

Uncover interest profiles of your customers

Set categories for each of your business locations, e.g. individual departments in a department store, or movie genres at a movie theater. Then when customers are at your location, the mobile app shows your categories and customers can use them to create an interest profile. Assign your signage to categories so the app prioritizes the content that particular individual is likely interested in.

See real-time and historical analytics

We log every event. Access a real-time view via your web console, or export data logs to uncover historical trends that can help you gain insight into customer behavior at your locations.

Choose your media player

Our default solution uses Apple TV media players, or iPads that are connected to an external screen. But for a more enterprise-grade hardware solution, see our Partners page for recommended media player hardware.

Extend to off-premises customer engagement & mobile orders

For off-premises customer engagement, add our mobile customer engagement plan.
Also extend this to a full mobile ordering solution so customers can request product-related digital signage and buy the product. This is a custom capability so contact us to discuss.

Take the next steps...

Proximity Signage 5-day Email Course!

Learn more about our brand-new solution for  personalized proximity-aware digital signage, analytics & location based services in an email course. Enter your email address to receive 1  email per day over the next 5 business days. Each email in this course will focus on a particular aspect of the Sophatar solution.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Application

Each application is different and how we rollout depends on a few factors including:

  • whether you already use digital signage or this is a new install
  • whether you will low-cost media player hardware (Apple TV, iPad) or professional hardware
  • the level of integration you want to do with other parts of any digital experience platform

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