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Key Service Components

Unlimited mobile wallet pass campaigns

Create campaigns for coupons, loyalty cards, weekly specials etc. With Sophatar, there is no limit to the number of campaigns you can create, and you only need to create one campaign and it will work both on Android and IOS phones. Your monthly subscription charge only depends on the maximum number of active passes across all your campaigns in each particular month. Together with our unlimited updates feature, you can tweak campaigns until they reach their maximum effect at no extra charge.

Unlimited campaign and pass updates

Via your web console you can update a campaign, which will update all installed and future passes of that campaign, or update a single pass to offer an individualized offer to a customer.
You can push an update at any time and optionally include a push notification message that will show on the customer's phone, in most cases even on the lock screen!

Free companion mobile app for retailer to redeem coupons, loyalty cards, event tickets and vouchers

Create various types of mobile wallet passes from within our platform and use Sophatar's complimentary companion iPhone/iPod mobile app to scan and redeem them from your customers' phones. Use this to implement a point-based loyalty card, or provide single- or multi-redeem offers to your customers.


Key Features

A single sign-up URL for both Android & IOS

With Sophatar you only need to create a mobile wallet campaign once. We automatically map this to both Google and Apple mobile wallet platforms. When customers click the campaign URL on their phone, we issue the correct platform pass.
If you promote the URL on your website or Facebook page, there is no need to have separate buttons for IOS or Android - we handle all that for you.

Obtain customer information at pass sign-up

When you create a wallet pass campaign on our web console, you can specify specific information (eg. name, email) the customer needs to provide before the pass is issued. You can export this data from your web console so you can use this as an input to your other CRM activities.
Also we support embedding of social media analytics code into the pass signup URL. Use this to later target specific social media ads to your current customer base or a similar demographic.

Install passes via SMS

As part of your subscription you receive a local SMS-in phone number for your business so your customers can install your mobile wallet passes via SMS. Assign an SMS keyword to each of your wallet pass campaigns and customers will receive an SMS reply with the pass sign-up URL.

Track pass installs & redeems

On your web console you can track, for each of your mobile wallet campaigns, the number of passes installed, un-installed and redeemed, with associated timestamps. Export this data to a CSV file to analyze the effiency of your various campaigns across time and business locations.

Trigger passes to show on phones based on location

Select one or more of your business locations to trigger the mobile wallet pass. Customers who installed the pass will see it pop-up on their phone when near any of these locations. Trigger by geo-fence and/or beacon and assign a custom notification message for each location and trigger type. All configurable from your Sophatar web console!

Promote passes on your digital signage with on-screen notifications

If you subscribe to any of our digital signage plans, then we can show previews of your mobile wallet pass campaigns on your signage screens.
We can also show pop-up notifications on your screens when someone installs or redeems a pass. A great social incentive for other customers to do the same!

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