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Key Service Components

No software to install

It works in your web browser, and is mobile-responsive. So you can keep an eye on your business, even from a phone or tablet.

Works with your POS

With a Star-Micronics printer, the printer uploads images of your printed receipts to the cloud, and Sophatar converts receipt images to readable data and analyzes your sales.

Multi-dimensional analytics

All graphs are interactive: select a time range, day of week, employee, etc. and instantly uncover sales trends for all your selections.


Key Features

Download digital receipts

Need a digital receipt image? Need receipt re-print capability? Simply download the image you see in the receipt viewer to re-print it, or email. Defend yourself against chargeback attempts, and meet proof-of-sale archive requirements.

Evaluate sales trends

Which employee shift books more revenue? When was my first sale of the day? When do I sell most items? Are there changes by day of week, month or season? Answer these and similar questions from the built-in interactive multi-dimensonal sales analytics graphs.

Discover sales anomalies

Which receipts have discounts applied to them? Was the printer used to print other content than receipts? Was the same receipt printed multiple times which may indicate fraud? Our built-in filters for duplicates, receipts with discounted items, and invalid receipts allow you to uncover sales anomalies.

Take the next steps...

Check with your Star-Micronics reseller or sales representative if your printer can upload receipt images. Most Star printers can, but it depends on exact printer model and environment (Windows, Mac, tablet etc)

Star mCollection

Login to your account on and activate the Sales Analytics & Viewer service simply by clicking the 'Subscribe' button.

This will direct you to a signup page on the Sophatar website where you can create your login account for the service. We will contact you with an estimate when your account will be showing your sales data.

Receipt Viewer Signup