Instantly Engage Your Customers!
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Retail & Brand Imaging

Truly innovate your on-site customer experience and increase sales conversions...

  • Customize your space to each visitor while he/she is at your location, just as a website does!

  • Install screens near each product shelf to auto-magically show product info aligned with customers' interests

  • Customers can browse and select the product info they want to see on the screen from the connected iPad, or from their own phone when near the screen

  • See customer dwell times, most popular items, most popular areas in your store from our web dashboard

  • Have your (remote) sales staff engage with customers for product support via screen and phone displays

  • Link to your POS system to have 'endless aisle' shopping right from the app...the answer to showrooming!

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All in one: proximity-aware personalized digital signage, analytics, and location-based services