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Bars, Restaurants & Nightclubs

Show menu items, seat availability, and automate various host functions

  • Create a simple campaign consisting of a photo and overlay text for each menu item or drink special

  • Show available capacity in different categories (booth tables, seats at the bar etc.)

  • Visitors can 'book' their table right from their phone. All screens in your location automatically adapt their signage to show the updated wait list

  • Place screens in VIP sections in bars/nightclubs and have customers reserve bottle service right from their phone

  • Advertise, and dynamically price, VIP section seating based on current supply/demand. Screens provide an ideal platform for dynamic information delivery in low-light and crowded environments

  • Create an on-site social interaction platform where visitors can send messages to each other that pop-up on your screens

  • Provide notifications about future events to which customers can reply and sign-up from their phone

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