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Museums & Exhibitions

Tailor the experience to each visitor's demographic and interest

  • Put a screen at each exhibit and have it replace your static exhibit information placcards

  • Adjust exhibit information automatically to the language of each visitor when they walk up

  • Create multiple campaigns, one for each demographic (kids, adults), and have the most suitable campaign show up on the screen when a visitor walks up

  • Create 'ask the expert' stations at different locations where visitors nearby can type in a question from their phone with the expert's feedback shown on your installed screens

  • Create an interactive catalog or map in your lobby so visitors can use their own phone, or an iPad's touchscreen, to request the information they want to see on a large-screen or projection system

  • Link products that sell in your museum store to exhibits. When at an exhibit, your visitors can tap a 'more info' button in the mobile app to see related merchandising available at the store

  • Link your order entry system and support shopping for merchandising from a visitor's phone. Items can be available for pick-up from the museum store upon exit.

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