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Tradeshows & Corporate Events

Replace the hassle of badge scanning by instantaneous detection of registered visitors

  • Adapt the product information shown on screens at a tradeshow booth based on the interests of different visitors

  • Your own booth staff can use their own mobile phone to call up a specific customer presentation. No hassle with having to connect a laptop

  • Have your registration desk at a tradeshow booth use the Sophatar web console to monitor the presence of registered important visitors to your booth so they can be provided no-wait VIP service

  • At a company's premises, provide tailored employee communications to announce company events, achievements, corporate goals etc,

  • Intall a large screen or projection system in your company lobby to interactively show product information to your visitors

  • Welcome corporate visitors to your company lobby with a customized campaign that starts playing on lobby screens as soon as they walk in

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All in one: proximity-aware personalized digital signage, analytics, and location-based services