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Apple advances Sophatar with new features in IOS11

At Sophatar we’re all about creating higher customer engagement in brick & mortar retail and hospitality businesses. Many vendors claim to do the same but they resort to complex and expensive setups to try to link physical and online activity. This includes some methods that only work partially or that have a ‘creep factor’ that is way too high for general customer adoption beyond a pilot project...

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Solving The 7 Deadly Sins of Digital Signage in SMB Retail

A bit of a melodramatic title... but fundamentally true! Digital signage has seen tremendous uptake in large retail but not so much at smaller & independent outlets. There are some fundamental issues that have kept it from becoming as commonplace there, and it’s not only cost. As a result, smaller and independent retailers are left at a disadvantage in terms of customer engagement and analytics. Well here at Sophatar, we aim to address that...

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Interactive Digital Signage, AI-Based POS Analytics & Recommendations, and Mobile Wallet Marketing as a Single Software Subscription Service for Brick & Mortar Retailers

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Silicon Valley startups Sophatar and QM-Scientific introduce a complete solution for customer engagement to brick & mortar retailers. The platform consists of interactive proximity-enabled digital signage, a POS analytics and recommendations engine based on machine learning, in-store traffic analysis, speech recognition, dynamic multi-lingual voice announcements, mobile wallet passes, and an optional mobile app or software development kit (SDK).

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Personal product deals on in-store screens coming to a food retailer near you

Ever returned from a trip to the grocery store only to find that you forgot to buy milk as you usually do every week? What if your personalized product suggestions would show up auto-magically on a screen mounted on a product shelf when you come near it? Two early-stage Silicon Valley startups, Sophatar and QM Scientific, team up to realize exactly that...

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