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The ProxiCMS API

February 07, 2020

ProxiCMS is a REST API for Sophatar's content management system (CMS) used for: ProxiScreen: contextual and personalized mobile-enabled interactive digital signage ProxiHost: location-dependent mobile engagement All functionality of this API is also…

User accounts and data access on the SuperReceipt API

February 06, 2020

User accounts: data providers & consumers On Sophatar, each user account has a unique email address and user_id . For SuperReceipt, user accounts can be 'providers' and/or 'consumers' of API data. Receipt printers are placed under a provider account…

BrightSign media player integration

October 14, 2019

With BrightSign media players we offer dynamically loaded playlist-based presentations with additional interactive content that can be updated from our web-based CMS (content management system). For this to work you do NOT need to subscribe to BSN…

Changing geofences on ProxiPass passes

October 04, 2019

Login to your account on Go to Pass…Coupon Cards (assuming the campaign you want to change a geo-fence for is a coupon campaign) Select the campaign in the list on the left Scroll down on the right to “Set locations where passes…

Redeeming a ProxiPass with a barcode reader connected to a Star printer

October 04, 2019

Introduction To redeem ProxiPasses by scanning the barcode / QR code on the pass, you can either use our SophatarScanner mobile app or use a standard barcode reader (BCR) connected to a Star printer. This article covers how to redeem via the barcode…

Securing the SuperReceipt API

October 04, 2019

SuperReceipt provides two options to access data securely The SuperReceipt API provides two methods to access data securely. Choose your method based on the 'environment' of your application: 'trusted' environment: the application that accesses the…